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Welcome to DomainEagle.com

Custom web scripting is one of our specialties. Scripting will bring your site to life, allowing dynamic content, and complete web applications. The possibilities are endless, but many clients find that e-mail forms, message boards, automatic news and event posting, calendars, or guest books will enhance the value of their site. Many more clients have us write complete proprietary web applications for them that service very specific purposes, such as image uploading for a gallery, or a tool that runs reports on data every night.

We make all of this possible by deploying PHP as our preferred scripting language. With PHP, we can script for Windows or Unix servers, and have the ability to communicate with a MySQL database. Many clients ask us what PHP is. PHP is similar to Microsoft's ASP, except it is made for Unix and also runs in Windows. Because of its cross platform support, you will soon see PHP become the industry standard for server side scripting.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services.

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